Frysekompaniet AS offers advanced solutions of handling frozen food products. Whether you are a producer, trader, exporter, importer, retailer or transporter, we customize our services to your company`s value chain. By using our experience, resourcefulness, efficient quality systems and total confidentiality, we supply added value and competitiveness to our customers. 
This is the way we think and act.

Cold Storage facility

Temperature controlled cold storage facilities and uninterrupted distribution chain between truck, terminal and warehouse for frozen goods. We offer storage, reloading, picking, truck handling and stuffing of all kinds of units. Remote controlled mobile racking system, laboratory for required sampling and customs warehouse with status A clarification. Overall, a cold storage facility with complete modern features.


Warehouse functionality

Customized documentation of management information, level 3 packing lists, solutions for third party invoicing, handling change of ownership of goods and online orders, labeling and barcodes according to Norwegian GS1-standard. Continuous tracking to provent critical situations with full traceability. We have the advanced systems for an efficient flow of goods and information. We contribute to systematize your business.


Custom clearance

We have extensive experience with customs clearance and export documentation, with a precision focus. Let us find the most efficient solution for you.


Road transportation

Frysekompaniet offers competitive transportation through our extensive national and international network. We assist to find the best solution for either fixed routes or spot based assignments.


Container transportation

Through our partners and agents we are able to offer overseas transportation with reefer containers to destinations all over the world. Most shipping lines have several weekly departures and arrivals from the Port of Larvik. Regarding imported goods we offer all kinds of customs clearance, border inspection controls and custom warehouse with status A clarification.



Frysekompaniet has solid experience of frozen logistical solutions, this makes us competent to execute projects with efficiency and accuracy. Occasionally problems occur, when being the case it is good to know the goods are correctly insured.



Through dedication, high level of service, precision, competence and experience we offer a high degree of flexibility.